Are Hoyas Succulents?

Many people ask me, “Are hoyas succulents? because their leaves can appear similar and they both like when their growing mediums dry out between waterings. Yet despite these characteristics, Hoya plants are not considered true succulents.

Hoyas are members of the Apocynaceae family and are prized for their waxy, fragrant flowers. While they do have fleshy, thick leaves and stems that can store water and help the plant withstand drought conditions. They are classified as epiphytes or semi-epiphytes, meaning that in nature they typically grow on other plants or structures, rather than in soil.

Unlike true succulents, Hoya plants do not have a specialized structure like a stem or root that is designed for water storage. Some Hoya species also have thinner leaves that are not as succulent.

Hoyas vs succulents

Hoyas and succulents are two types of plants that popular among gardeners, houseplant enthusiasts, and rare plant collectors.

While both of these plant groups have some similarities, such as their drought tolerance and ease of care, there are also several key differences between the two.


One of the primary similarities between Hoyas and succulents is their ability to tolerate drought conditions. Both of these plant groups have evolved to survive in environments where water is scarce, and as a result, they have developed adaptations that allow them to store water in their leaves, stems, and roots. This makes them both great choices for gardeners who want low-maintenance plants that don’t require a lot of watering.

Another similarity between Hoyas and succulents is their ease of care. Both of these plant groups are generally quite easy to care for, requiring minimal maintenance and attention. They are also relatively pest and disease-resistant, which makes them an attractive choice for gardeners who don’t want to spend a lot of time dealing with plant problems.


One of the key differences between Hoyas and succulents is their physical appearance. Succulents are typically characterized by their thick, fleshy leaves and stems, which are designed to store water. In contrast, Hoyas have thin, waxy leaves and stems, which are not as visibly succulent.

Another difference between Hoyas and succulents is their native environments. Succulents are typically found in hot, dry environments such as deserts and arid regions, while Hoyas are typically found in tropical and subtropical regions where humidity levels are high.

Finally, Hoyas and succulents have different growth habits. While succulents are typically slow-growing and tend to stay small, Hoyas can grow quite large and have a more sprawling growth habit. Hoyas are often considered slow-growing, but can undergo big growth spurts under the right conditions and timing. As a result, this can make hoyas more challenging to care for and to fit into smaller spaces.

While many people ask are hoyas succulents because of their similarities, they are also quite different in terms of their physical appearance, native environments, and growth habits.

Whether you choose to grow Hoyas or succulents, it’s important to understand their unique needs and characteristics to give them the best possible care.

Ultimately, both of these plant groups are great choices for gardeners who want low-maintenance, drought-tolerant plants that are both beautiful and functional. Just remember not to overwater them.